[Freeswitch-dev] Speaker Identification implementation

Christopher Rienzo cmrienzo at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 18:33:05 MSD 2011

I suspect this will be very similar in implementation to switch_core_asr, so
we could either reuse that interface, or implement a new Speaker
Identification and Verification (SIV) interface.  Hop on #freeswitch-dev to
talk this over and figure out the best approach.

If you implement a new interface, you probably need at least the following


And then some new functions in switch_ivr_async.c:


And a new application in mod_dptools.c


On Thu, Aug 18, 2011 at 8:35 AM, Viktor Jamrich
<viktor_jamrich at centrum.sk>wrote:

> That's it ! I was talking about speaker identification by comparing the
> speaker's voiceprint with
> pre-trained voiceprint saved in a voiceprint repository. Sure, I've
> heard about Nuance is planning to acquire
> Loquendo, another speech processing shark ;)
> I was thinking about creating a new abstract interface called e.g.
> switch_sid_interface (SID = speaker identification) which
> could be binded to e.g. a proprietary interface module or (the better
> solution) to mod_unimrcp since MRCPv2 protocol supports
> speaker identification/verification. Using this sid interface w/
> mod_unimrcp FreeSWITCH would be able to use MRCP
> servers for speaker identification/verification. Currently Nuance and
> Loquendo has few MRCP servers supporting this service and
> of course our company is planning to deploy a MRCPv2 server soon.
> Example application is e.g. instead of looking for your customer
> ID or telling your personal ID data to the operator who needs to have
> your identity confirmed before he/she tells you some confidental info,
> the company (whether call center or whatever) would just use speaker
> identification service via MRCPv2 and from 3 to 5 seconds of voice
> he/she will know, whether the person is really the one he/she is
> claiming he/she is or not.
> What do you think about it ??
> Have a nice day ;)
> Sincerely, Viktor Jamrich.
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