[Freeswitch-dev] why i can't compile FSComm successfully on my windows ?

Maple from China chinamaple at gmail.com
Wed Sep 22 08:09:01 PDT 2010

i downloaded the Qt system for windows, but i can't compile the FSComm
succesffuly under winXP.

i compiled it using VS 2008.

the errors are :
RCC resources.qrc
system can't find the specified path
Project : error PRJ0019: the following error code is returned:: "RCC
project: : warning PRJ0018 : the following environment variable is not

i guess $(QTDIR) should be the path of the root of Qt, but i already set the
$(QTDIR) to my real path (in my pc, i installed the Qt into f:\qt\4.0.7). so
how to configure the path of $(QDIR) in VS2008 ?
is there any other reason of failure ?

thanks and best regards.

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