[Freeswitch-dev] luasql or freeswitch.dbh

Bernhard Suttner bernhard.suttner at winet.ch
Thu Sep 16 11:52:46 PDT 2010


from performance point of view, what should be used to connect to many different databases, luasql or freeswitch.dbh which does use ODBC?

The problem is, that is not only one database but 3-5 databases which are on 2-3 different hosts. Lua will be used to fetch the directory and dialplan directly from the db. Also live-data will be stored on the different databases. The advantage of freeswitch.dbh would be, that the db connections will be re-used. LUAsql would use the native e.g. postgres or mysql driver.

Thanks for any hint. 

Best Regards,

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