[Freeswitch-dev] Please help with session recording

Farhan Husain farhan.husain at csebuet.org
Wed Sep 15 22:22:23 PDT 2010


I am trying to write a module which would record all the media sessions.
What I did so far is as following:

1. Subscribed to channel events
2. On SWITCH_EVENT_CHANNEL_CREATE I install a callback function using the
"switch_core_media_bug_add" function.

At this point, my callback method is being called. I can see my debug
printout when I leave a voicemail for an offline user. I want to write the
media data to a file. The callback method signature is like this:

switch_bool_t my_callback(switch_media_bug_t *bug, void *user_data,
switch_abc_type_t type)

However, I tried to find what "switch_media_bug_t" and "switch_abc_type_t"
are in the API reference doc and found their definition. But it seems hard
to understand what the fields mean, specially for the first struct. Can
anyone help me by describing these two data types?

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