[Freeswitch-dev] Dialog events

Beeton, Carolyn (Carolyn) cbeeton at avaya.com
Tue Oct 12 07:15:43 PDT 2010

Most of my changes are a pretty straight-forward extension to add the call-id, local-tag and remote-tag into the <dialog> element.  But I am blocked by the sql query in actual_sofia_presence_event_handler which pulls out the rows to work on in the first place (in the SWITCH_EVENT_PRESENCE_PROBE case), because it uses the sip_registrations table as the "master" and does a left join on sip_dialogs and sip_presence to get more data.  In my case, there is nothing in sip_registrations, so I get no matches to work on.  I realize that changing this query (or any of this stuff) is a risky thing  - at this point I am just feeling around to see what might be possible.

So my main question right now is:
- is it correct to build dialog event content primarily based on the sip_registrations table?  Could the query be rejigged so that sip_dialogs is the master and sip_registrations is joined where there is a match? To me, this would seem to be correct, as dialog event contents should have little to do with registrations and should not be primarly driven by them.


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> anything can be accepted that keeps things working the way 
> they already do work and more.
> we can probably add those other things to the dialog table as 
> long as nothing breaks in the process.
> I am just trying to warn you that this is heavily 
> depended-upon code by many and it's a critical change to 
> manipulate it and changes should be discussed in detail.

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