[Freeswitch-dev] Verbose Events

David Brazier David.Brazier at 360crm.co.uk
Tue Nov 16 01:36:39 PST 2010

Hi All

I want to get session variables on all events.  I have tried using the "verbose-events" dialplan app but that isn't convenient to use when bridging.  So I have set 

 <param name="verbose-channel-events" value="yes"/>

in switch.conf.xml & restarted to make sure.  But I still don't see variables on all events, for example CHANNEL_CALLSTATE.  In the source code, there are 3 related flags:

CF_VERBOSE_EVENTS - the "channel flag" set by the "verbose-events" dialpan app
SCF_VERBOSE_EVENTS - the "switch control flag", set by "verbose-channel-events" in switch.conf.xml
SCSC_VERBOSE_EVENTS - used by "fsctl verbose_events" - actually SCSC_VERBOSE_EVENTS is only an internal name for the command - using "fsctl verbose_events" sets or clears SCF_VERBOSE_EVENTS

In switch_core.c the SCSC_ flags are accessed via switch_core_session_ctl: 

SWITCH_DECLARE(int32_t) switch_core_session_ctl(switch_session_ctl_t cmd, void *val)
        int *intval = (int *) val;
        int oldintval = 0, newintval = 0;

        if (intval) {
                oldintval = *intval;

        if (switch_test_flag((&runtime), SCF_SHUTTING_DOWN)) {
                return -1;

        switch (cmd) {
                if (intval) {
                        if (oldintval > -1) {
                                if (oldintval) {
                                        switch_set_flag((&runtime), SCF_VERBOSE_EVENTS);
                                } else {
                                        switch_clear_flag((&runtime), SCF_VERBOSE_EVENTS);
                        newintval = switch_test_flag((&runtime), SCF_VERBOSE_EVENTS);

        if (intval) {
                *intval = newintval;

        return 0;

If I read this right, the caller can use this to just get the flag without setting it by setting val to -1 initially.  However, in switch_channel.c where it is deciding whether to do a verbose event:

SWITCH_DECLARE(void) switch_channel_event_set_extended_data(switch_channel_t *channel, switch_event_t *event)
        switch_event_header_t *hi;
        int x, global_verbose_events = 0;


        switch_core_session_ctl(SCSC_VERBOSE_EVENTS, &global_verbose_events);

        if (global_verbose_events ||
                switch_channel_test_flag(channel, CF_VERBOSE_EVENTS) ||
                switch_event_get_header(event, "presence-data-cols") ||
                event->event_id == SWITCH_EVENT_CHANNEL_CREATE ||
                event->event_id == SWITCH_EVENT_CHANNEL_ORIGINATE || ...)
        // then add the variables to the event

Because this does "global_verbose_events = 0" it always clears SCF_VERBOSE_EVENTS.

I could easily have misuderstood, and if anyone else has had success with "verbose-channel-events" please let me know.



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