[Freeswitch-dev] Question about presence_id

Beeton, Carolyn (Carolyn) cbeeton at avaya.com
Wed Nov 10 11:41:42 PST 2010

I am trying to understand the PRESENCE_IN events that are sent on call init, answer, and hangup.  I have two endpoints registered to Freeswitch, configured in the dialplan with presence_id set.  One set calls the other.

There is one event for each leg of the call, inbound and outbound.  The events contain the Channel-Name and the Channel-Presence-ID, and I would expect these to match (i.e. each event contains the presence_id of that leg), but it seems that for the inbound leg, they only match on the "ringing" event, not the "answered" and "hangup" event.  The two events for "answered" and "hangup" both have the presence_id of the callee, regardless of the Call-Direction.  Is this intentional? (I think it is the reason that lights stick on in certain scenarios - for example, if there are subscribers to the caller but not the callee then no notifications are sent on hangup)

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