[Freeswitch-dev] static libfreeswitch.a OSX

Paulo Vicentini vicentini.paulo at gmail.com
Wed Jun 9 16:29:45 PDT 2010

I am using autotools.. I run ./configure --disable shared or even modifying
Makefile.am... in all these ways the static library is built
(libfreeswitch.a)  but when linking with freeswitch (bin) I got "undefined

For instance, the symbol _switch_api_execute or _switch_log_printf are given
as undefined  but

otool -v -S -a libfreeswitch.a | grep _switch_api_execute
libfreeswitch_la-switch_loadable_module.o _switch_api_execute

otool -v -S -a libfreeswitch.a | grep _switch_log_printf
libfreeswitch_la-switch_log.o _switch_log_printf

I also got this warning from the linker:
ld warning: in /freeswitch/.libs/libfreeswitch.a, file is not of required
lipo -info libfreeswitch.a
input file libfreeswitch.a is not a fat file
Non-fat file: libfreeswitch.a is architecture: i386

as expected


On Wed, Jun 9, 2010 at 6:18 PM, Brian West <brian at freeswitch.org> wrote:

> You would use glibtool to accomplish this and us the .la file as far as I
> know.
> /b
> On Jun 9, 2010, at 4:08 PM, Paulo Vicentini wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I am trying to link my application against libfreeswitch.a (statically)
>  on mac os x but I am getting undefined symbols  (it happens even with
> freeswitch ). If I use libfreeswitch  as a shared lib..it does work.
> > Have you faced such issue on Mac? Is -static linking with libfreeswitch.a
> a problem?
> >
> > Thanks
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