[Freeswitch-dev] eavesdroping

Jan Berger jan.berger at video24.no
Tue Jul 13 10:24:43 PDT 2010

Your application is basically 2+1 applications.


-          A SIP client that can listen-in. Creating a SIP client is not the
end of the world, doing it on a web-page - I have no idea, but I would be
very interested in this myself as well.


-          A GUI that display a list of calls. 


-          I will also suggest a stand-alone server that collect the info
from FreeSWITCH and distribute it to the web clients - and myself I would
write the server in C and use gSOAP to export and create a stand-alone
WebService. The point of having a mid-server on ESL or something is that
FreeSWITCH then only service one client - and don't get drowned by 100 web
clients wanting info.


What you describe is a very common interface for Call Centre's etc. 




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what is the best way to implement a web interface in which all channels are
displayed and by clicking on each channel, user could listen to that

I need to somehow get the rtp stream (for example using eavesdrop
application) on the browser. is it possible? if is how?


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