[Freeswitch-dev] TraceMonkey

Jan Berger jan.berger at video24.no
Thu Jul 1 01:38:29 PDT 2010



Was searching for updated JavaScript alternatives and found this
Tamarin/TraceMonkey. Do anyone have experience with this version? They claim
a 5-10 x speed increase compared to the older SpiderMonkey


"Tamarin is a JavaScript <https://developer.mozilla.org/en/JavaScript>
engine written in C++. It currently implements Adobe ActionScriptT 3 (a
superset of ECMAScript Edition 3) and is embedded within the AdobeR FlashR
Player versions 9 and later.  Tamarin's jit-compiler,  NanoJIT, is also used
in TraceMonkey <https://wiki.mozilla.org/JavaScript:TraceMonkey>  ergo
SpiderMonkey, which is Mozilla's JavaScript engine in Firefox."




Is anyone interested in having a mod_tracemonkey for FreeSWITCH - or is
someone already working on this?




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