[Freeswitch-dev] Fscomm status and issues and patch

Seven Du dujinfang at gmail.com
Sun Jan 10 22:41:03 PST 2010

>> Some bugs I found:
>> 1) FreeSWITCH/FsComm user agent breaks xml parser, complains missing
>> ">", I guess it's a XML parser bug when it see "/" it expects an ">"
>> to be a "/>". Sorry I deleted the full log but I think it can be
>> replicated so let me know if I need to report to jira.
> Please do. This is a bug in switch_event_expand_headers() and I haven't yet
> had the time to figure out what is the char that breaks it.

Haven't do that since I cannot replicate in normal FS but in FSComm.
Error msg follows with default settings, home it should be ok when you
make all sofia configs done:

2010-01-08 18:20:49.276458 [INFO] mod_qsettings.cpp:51 Template
sofia.conf.xml, doesn't exist on directory, copying embedded template.
2010-01-08 18:20:49.277614 [DEBUG] mod_qsettings.cpp:80 Template
sofia.conf as follows:
<document type="freeswitch/xml">
        <section name="configuration">
                <configuration name="sofia.conf" description="sofia Endpoint">
                                <param name="log-level" value=""/>
                                <param name="auto-restart" value=""/>
                                <param name="debug-presence" value=""/>
name="rewrite-multicasted-fs-path" value=""/>
                                <profile name="softphone">
name="user-agent-string" value="2010-01-08 18:20:49.277666 [ERR]
switch_xml.c:1570 Error[[error near line 13]: m
issing >]
2010-01-08 18:20:49.277733 [DEBUG] sofia.c:2434 user-agent-string

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