[Freeswitch-dev] Using instant_ringback

Kevin Snow kevin.snow at ooma.com
Fri Feb 5 10:29:38 PST 2010


I¹m trying something that is seemingly so simple but isn¹t working for me. I
want to ignore early media and provide instant ringback.

My module is written in C. I¹m setting ignore_early_media and
instant_ringback to true in a switch_event header and passing it in via the
ovars param to switch_ivr_originate. It¹s getting the vars ok because I can
tell it¹s ignoring early media, but there is no ring back to the caller.

Are there other flags I need in conjunction with these two to hear ringback?
I must be missing something.

Here¹s a code snippet.

    switch_event_t* ovars = NULL;
    switch_event_create(&ovars, SWITCH_EVENT_REQUEST_PARAMS);
    switch_event_add_header_string(ovars, SWITCH_STACK_BOTTOM,
"ignore_early_media", "true");
    switch_event_add_header_string(ovars, SWITCH_STACK_BOTTOM,
"instant_ringback", "true");
    switch_status_t  rc = switch_ivr_originate(session, &sipSession, &cause,
data, timelimit, NULL, caller_name, caller_num, NULL, ovars, SOF_NONE);

Thanks in advance.

Kevin Snow

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