[Freeswitch-dev] Scriptable test-suite

Joegen E. Baclor joegen at opensipstack.org
Wed Dec 8 04:36:41 MSK 2010


We are trying to work out a test suite for sipXecs media services and we 
thought that freeswitch itself is the best place to do it.  I am 
initiallly thinking of controlling freeswitch using ESL inbound to 
simulate traversing of sipXecs media services ivr menus.  However, 
although ESL has the most flexibility among the choices, I find the 
scripting modules really appealing specially because it exposes the 
ability to add new test scenarios.  Am I correct that ESL inbound 
function(eg: placing independent outbound calls without having to hit a 
dialplan) is not currently doable via the mod_scripting_language 
plugins?  Because of this, I am plannning to simply expose ESL 
inbound/outbound library via a google::v8 glue to make the test 
scenarios somehow scriptable.   I am wondering if I am not crazy if i do so.

I have came accross this thread old 
.   I am wondeing if more work/thoughts came into this so i wont be 
reinventing the wheel.

advice appreciated.  Thanks!


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