[Freeswitch-dev] Freeswitch communication delay after three hours

Achim Stamm stamm at lyth.de
Tue Aug 24 10:54:11 PDT 2010


I have following problem:

My current session is connected to a thirdParty Application by using an 
own FreeSwitch
application "DoingReadAndWriteFrames". The communication between 
FreeSwitch Session and
thirdParty Application is done by reading and writing frames in a while 
At start of FreeSwitch Session the communication works without delay.
After three or more hours i get a communication delay of one or more 
If i hang up and make a new call (a new freeswitch session), than the 
delay disappears, but after several hours
the delay comes up again.

It is possible, that i get an old frame (one second ago) with 
switch_core_session_read_frame ?

Is there a solution (for example an freeswitch core api call) to avoid 
the delay ?


Achim Stamm

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