[Freeswitch-dev] New Hardware for Freeswitch

Jan Berger jan.berger at video24.no
Mon Aug 16 14:28:19 PDT 2010

Hi Ari,

Firstly - I have actually been involved with 2 E1/T1 card vendors earlier,
so I am happy to make a few suggestions.

But, firstly - 

1. What DSP and RTOS are you using? 
2. What is the expected price range of the cards?
3. When will the cards be available?
4. Any chance you guys will provide open source on firmware/driver so we can
develop on it and get it right :)?
5. Any block schema you can share? I am happy to sign a NDA.
6. Is this PCI only or are you doing a stand-alone card as well?

Nice to see that someone actually target the open source marked with DSP
based cards.

Myself, I really would like an DSP based, open source project. 


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Hello all!

I would like to announce a new hardware development project:

- ISDN Pri interface card 1-8 channels with/without QUICC for ISDN  
stack + dsp
- 1-8 POTS line card
- ISDN Bri line card network/user side

Our company has manufactured such cards and IVR-server back in last  
and we would like to make the "new generation" cards compatible with

So, to start Hardware redevelopment in right direction, any pointers and
suggestions on driver design would be greatly appreciated. And if the
existing cards lack some features, we will try to incorporate them (hw
conference bridging?)

Also, pilot users will be given free cards to test and evaluate.

Best Regards,

Ari Siitonen
Voice Stream Oy

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