[Freeswitch-dev] how to setup lua as a daemon for event socket outbound

vectorno vectorno vectorno at googlemail.com
Thu Apr 15 16:33:53 PDT 2010

Thanks for that I just wanted to quickly run the demos while I was
logged in to window.  Anyway I have now compiled a fresh install on
Linux and have manged get up and running.

The reason why I initialy asked about lua to control  outbound sockets
is because it is claimed that it is very fast however I am new too
llua and for now  I am sticking to php but how much is there a
difference is speed and Is there a more optimal way to use php for
sockets connections?

II have setup socket connection to ivrd calling php with sucesscull
execution of the script. There is one issue I have come across i am
getting a error in doing  the following command

echo "sendmsg\n";
echo "call-command: execute\n";
echo "execute-app-name: playback\n\n";
echo "execute-app-arg:

IIt throws up the warning: switch_core_file.c:176 Sample rate doesn't
match. Any ideas?

On Thu, Apr 15, 2010 at 12:16 PM, vectorno vectorno <vectorno at googlemail.com
> wrote:

> IIs ivrd availible for windows
It doesn't look like ivrd builds in windows. I'll ask Jeff Lenk to check it

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