[Freeswitch-dev] Trying to send SIP MESSAGE to device

Paulo Emerique paulo at esensetec.com.br
Sat Apr 10 16:42:42 PDT 2010

Hi all, this is my first day of hands on experience with FreeSwitch, which I have been following for many months now.

We deploy Asterisk boxes, and now that Freepbx runs with Freeswitch, we intend to "migrate" to it as our main platform.

I'm really enjoying FS, congratulations!

Now for the actual question:

The issue is I bought a GSM Gateway, wich I'm trying to send SMS thru it ... and the device documentation says to send a "SIP MESSAGE" to it like:

MESSAGE sip: 1003 at;transport=udp SIP/2.0
From: <SIP 1000 at>;tag=5031
To:<SIP: 1003 at>
Call-ID: 808807EB-A8B3-DD11-BBA6-005056C00008 at
Contact: <sip: 1000 at>
Max-Forwards: 16
Date: Tue, 08 Apr 2010 06:36:37 GMT
User-Agent: Paulo
p-hint: usrloc applied
Content-Type: text/plain
Content-Length: 17
hi paulo

GSM Gateway is at IP ... so I have tried to acomplish it by 2 ways:

1) using mod event sockets: I telnet to server and after auth, issue:
sendevent SEND_MESSAGE
profile: sipinterface_1
content-length: 18
content-type: text/plain
user: 1003

Hello Baby

and returns:
Content-Type: command/reply
Reply-Text: +OK accepted

I'm watching SIP traffic (using "sofia profile sipinterface_1 siptrace on") and I see no SIP packet going.

then I tried

2)  chat sip|1030 at|1003 at|Test message
which returns:
Error! Message Not Sent
2010-04-10 10:46:34.555510 [ERR] sofia_presence.c:109 Chat proto [dp]
from [1030 at]
to [1003 at]
Test message
Invalid Profile

So I tought: well, need to configura a profile (wich I understand is created on freepbx "SIP Interfaces" ... so I did, but FS console shows:
2010-04-10 10:25:59.681316 [ERR] sofia.c:1347 Error Creating SIP UA for profile: sipinterface_3

To collect more info, I tried to make similar steps to send SIP MESSAGE to a Granstream HT-486, so I created a "SIP Interface" to it, but returns same error msg:
2010-04-10 10:25:59.868661 [ERR] sofia.c:1347 Error Creating SIP UA for profile: sipinterface_4

Thank for your help,

Paulo Cesar Emerique

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