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Mon Sep 21 10:56:34 PDT 2009

On Mon, Sep 21, 2009 at 10:02 AM, Muhammad Shahzad <
shaheryarkh at googlemail.com> wrote:

> Sure, i fully understand this role and its responsibilities. I will take
> special care for SVN commit process.
> Anyways, here is a rough plan for the project. I hope this ensures code
> integrity at all levels.
> 1. Doxygen configuration files and directories setup.
> 2. Then we will do header files documentation folder by folder, starting
> from inner most include directory (<FSROOT>/src/include/private) and then
> moving outwards.
> 3. Once one whole include folder is documented, we will first put it in our
> test environment and rebuild FS from scretch (i.e. after doing a distclean).
> 4. One of my team member has promised me to provide a script that will run
> on each header file to produce a clean file (i.e. without any comments
> etc.). We will run it on both original (undocumented) and modified
> (documented) files and then do a diff on their output. If diff yeilds
> nothing then both documented and undocumented files are identical (code
> wise).
> 5. When all files in a single folder pass this script test, I will commit
> it to SVN (alternatively i can forward them to you guys for review and then
> you can commit it to SVN).
> 6. Once all header files are done, we then do source code files repeating
> steps 3 - 5 for each folder in top most to inner most direction.
> I haven't finalized resource allocation and time lines yet. However, the
> documentation will be mostly done by project members while i will do steps
> 3-5 personally.
> Please review and give your feedback.
> Thank you.
Thanks for being so thorough! If you complete this level of testing and
don't have any build/compile issues then that's a pretty good indication
that your methodology is adequate. Like Tony said, we can probably skip the
review process, or maybe we could review the first few submissions just to
be safe and then turn you guys loose. :)

Thanks for your willingness to help! The entire community will benefit.
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