[Freeswitch-dev] Patch for soft reload command in mod_dingaling

Muhammad Shahzad shahzad at vopium.com
Thu Sep 17 01:59:15 PDT 2009

Reference: http://jira.freeswitch.org/browse/LBDING-15

Here is new patch with all thread lock / unlock and memory management stuff
etc. it does following,

1. Adds a new dingaling menu command, "dingaling reload".
2. While executing this command it re-reads XML configuration (from file or
XML CURL, whichever configured).
3. Adds new profiles in configuration.
4. Deletes profiles that are no longer in XML configuration.
5. Checks all profiles which exist in both old and new XML configuration,
verify that all parameters match.
6. If any parameter is not match then it deletes older one and loads newer
7. If no parameter mismatch found then it leaves the profile as is.
8. While deleting profiles, if any profile is in call, it does not drops the
call, instead marks that profile for deletion and upon completion of call it
deletes the profile.

I have verified its functionality is all possible test cases (that we can
think of) and found it consistent without any performance drawbacks.

Kindly review and add this patch to mainstream.


Thank you.

Muhammad Shahzad
CISCO Rich Media Communication Specialist (CRMCS)
CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
Cell: +92 334 422 40 88
MSN: shari_786pk at hotmail.com
Email: shaheryarkh at googlemail.com
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