[Freeswitch-dev] Network cable disconnection

Suneel Papineni Suneel.Papineni at mettoni.com
Wed Oct 28 10:42:08 PDT 2009



I have configured FreeSwitch and played it by making calls. Every thing
went fine. Then I tried to see what happens if network cable is
unplugged. Freeswitch shown an error saying ping failed to the gateway
and IP address is changed to local system IP. After sometime network
cable plugged back in and in another 30 seconds freeswitch has shown it
got the IP of gateway and changed back from local IP to gateway IP.
After that when I tried to make calls, calls are not going through. Even
there is no log displayed in Freeswitch. Please find below the logs...


freeswitch at QA360BASExp> 2009-10-28 16:46:13.156250 [WARNING]
sofia.c:2814 Ping failed ihub-trunk

2009-10-28 16:46:13.234375 [INFO] mod_sofia.c:3160 IP change detected
[]->[] []->[]

2009-10-28 16:46:13.265625 [NOTICE] sofia_glue.c:3444 Reload XML

2009-10-28 16:46:13.265625 [INFO] switch_time.c:661 Timezone reloaded 0

2009-10-28 16:46:14.156250 [NOTICE] sofia.c:921 Waiting for worker

2009-10-28 16:46:14.156250 [NOTICE] sofia_glue.c:3505 deleted gateway

2009-10-28 16:46:14.156250 [NOTICE] sofia_reg.c:2122 Added gateway
'ihub-trunk' to profile 'TrunkExternal'

2009-10-28 16:46:14.156250 [NOTICE] sofia.c:2767 Started Profile
TrunkExternal [sofia_reg_TrunkExternal]

2009-10-28 16:46:14.156250 [ERR] sofia.c:805 Error Creating SIP UA for
profile: TrunkExternal

2009-10-28 16:46:14.156250 [NOTICE] sofia_glue.c:3505 deleted gateway

2009-10-28 16:46:53.234375 [INFO] mod_sofia.c:3160 IP change detected
[]->[] []->[]

2009-10-28 16:46:53.281250 [NOTICE] sofia_glue.c:3444 Reload XML

2009-10-2816:46:53.281250 [INFO] switch_time.c:661 Timezone reloaded 0


--After this there were no messages


Calls went through if I reload freeswitch. 


Another surprise thing is I checked for the active ports in the system
before and after cable unplugged. Port 5060 disappeared after cable is
plugged out. This doesn't display even after cable is plugged back in. 


Thanks & Regards




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