[Freeswitch-dev] Doxygen configuration

Raymond Chandler intralanman at freeswitch.org
Thu Oct 22 08:11:28 PDT 2009

On Oct 22, 2009, at 3:45 AM, Muhammad Shahzad wrote:

> Ok, I have found three issues, which are most likely causing trouble  
> for you.
> 1. The Doxygen.conf file that i committed in SVN, was generated for  
> Doxygen version 1.6.1, while you are using doxygen version 1.4.x.  
> Therefore, following a lot of tags are not repected by doxygen, for  
> example, when i installed and executed doxygen 1.4.0, i get  
> following warnings in Doxygen.conf file, these don't appear when  
> using doxygen version 1.6.x.

considering that we're using 1.4.7 on docs.freeswitch.org, it might be  
a good idea to make the doxygen.conf work for the 1.4.x version(s)

unless i'm missing something (which is quite possible), then it seems  
that 1.4.7 is the latest stable from centos right now.

with all of the things we already have to keep up with, it doesn't  
make sense for us to have to manually install/upgrade doxygen from  
source too.

Raymond Chandler

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