[Freeswitch-dev] get no callbacks to endpoint_interface

Francisco Scaramanga scaram at hotmail.de
Sun Oct 11 11:40:35 PDT 2009


I wrote a new module and defined an endpoint interface in the following way:



*module_interface = switch_loadable_module_create_module_interface(pool, modname);


mod_skel_endpoint_interface = switch_loadable_module_create_interface(*module_interface, SWITCH_ENDPOINT_INTERFACE);

mod_skel_endpoint_interface->interface_name = "mod_skel_interface";

mod_skel_endpoint_interface->io_routines = &mod_skel_io_routines;

mod_skel_endpoint_interface->state_handler = &mod_skel_event_handlers;


Futhermore I implemented the io_routines and state_handler of the interface


The problem is that my call back functions are never called, for instance


static switch_status_t channel_on_init(switch_core_session_t *session)





Is there something more I must do except to define and implement the endpoint interface?


My dialplan is:


<extension name="test">
        <condition field="destination_number" expression="54505">
             <action application="mymod_skel" data=""/>
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