[Freeswitch-dev] Channel variable read_terminator_used

Bob Coleman bobc at devassert.com
Sun Nov 15 14:36:31 PST 2009


Am using outbound socket mode, own client, using the latest code.

I have noticed that there is a channel variable read_terminator_used
for returning what terminator was used when using the read command

It would be very useful to know what terminator has been used to
terminate the playback command as well, especially where you allow
someone to short circuit the prompt and start entering a pin etc.
These are cases where you are not interested in capturing more than
one digit, and the playback command seems to have less overhead than
the read command.

I realise I could just use the read command, expecting zero digits
from one etc, but if a terminator can be used, generally you want to
know what it was.

I am wondering if this would be a good idea for a small enhancement,
perhaps a terminator_used variable that could be set by any command
that allows termination.



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