[Freeswitch-dev] api getvar / setvar problem

Bob Coleman bobc at devassert.com
Mon Nov 9 19:19:16 PST 2009


I am pretty sure I am doing something wrong but here goes.

I am using outbound event socket running on windows and everytime I
send an api uuid_getvar or uuid_setvar the reply I get back is

I get the content type and the line that tells me the length, but then
I get a blank line and nothing more coming down the socket. If I try
to read another line after the blank line it blocks.

content-type: api/response
content-length: ??

If I make another call, say just api i get the actual variable
contents i expected from the first call followed by the next content

I can product a small demo if necessary, and that is my next step for
diagnosing this, ie remove all the back ground stuff and focus on the
problem, but I am hoping someone else has come across this and can
point me in the right direction



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