[Freeswitch-dev] Questions about read_frame and write_frame events

Alex To tonhudung at gmail.com
Sun Nov 8 04:21:00 PST 2009



I am getting stuck on read_frame and write_frame in my custom endpoint.
Would someone shed some lights on how it works?


My questions about read_frame, write_frame after reading mod_iax,
mod_portaudio and mod_skyiax are:


1.       Is it correct that I need to check a flag (for e.g TFLAG_HUP)  of
the private object at the beginning of the event to determine whether I
should continue reading audio or just return. The flag TFLAG_HUP is set when
a hangup or kill channel event is detected.

2.       Read_frame is called on an interval (how frequently is the interval
? how do I determine that?) to read audio from my endpoint.

3.       What is TFLAG_IO normally used for ?

4.       What is the label "cng" is all about ? May I know what "cng" stands
for and how it is used?

5.       What if read_frame is called while my end point is not ready to
send any audio yet?

6.       What is the tech_pvt->cng_frame is used for? I notice that the
*frame is set to tech_pvt->cng_frame if the label "cng" is reached.


Thank you very much for even reading my questions. I tried to look for
documents that explains clearly the above questions but so far no luck.
Until now I still don't have a clear understanding about these 2 events yet.


Best Regards


Alex To

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