[Freeswitch-dev] originate creates a channel that can not be killed

Scott Shen sshen at oa.com.au
Sun May 3 21:00:56 PDT 2009

I am using FS r13096, found following problem

 1.  originate {originate_timeout=6,originate_retries=3,originate_retry_sleep_ms=60000}user/1002 &bridge(user/1007)
 2.  when 1002 side ringing, quickly pickup and hangup
 3.  show channels gives something like
31b614d0-999d-406e-bdba-b18ead0d26d8,outbound,2009-05-04 13:42:56,1241408576,sofia/internal/sip:1002 at;line=xStcbdok,CS_EXECUTE,FreeSWITCH,0000000000,,sip:1002 at;line=xStcbdok,bridge,user/1007,,default,PCMA,8000,PCMA,8000

 1.  when use uuid_kill of above uuid, FS reports "No Such Channel"
 2.  then at 60000ms interval, FS will give messages like 'Originate attempt x/3 in 60000ms'
 3.  when x reaches 1, the channel will be cleaned.

On step 3 and 4, if there's "No Such Channel", isn't that the channel should not be displayed?

On step 5, although the "originate" is attempted ( which shouldn't, because the call is already hangup on step 2 ), but neither caller nor the callee is ringed.

Also, is there a way to cancel "originate" ? eg send a cancel after invite.

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