[Freeswitch-dev] Set variable/identifier for channel

Szymon Olko solko at gcdf.pl
Fri Mar 20 07:06:14 PDT 2009


I'm using conference module for agent/queues system. My system is build based on event_socket.

To originate call I use commands like this.
'bgapi conference test dial sofia/internal/1001% 123 test'

Then I await for CHANNEL_CREATED and CHANNEL_OUTGOING events. I use those fields from event

to connect my command with channel creation. Temporally I use asterisk as a pass-through pbx, it changes caller id to what it
should be, I don't want to set it to the one above.

Is it possible to add to conference dial command one extra parameter which will be set in channel and visible in all events. I
searched for it but could not find something like that.

Second minor thing. There is 'conference bgdial' command which raises CUSTOM event which I could use, but this command can be only
set for conference that exists, have at least one member. It would be good for it to work also on empty (not existing)
conferences. Is it possible?

Szymon Olko

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