[Freeswitch-dev] C API session and channels questions]

Chris Danielson chris at maxpowersoft.com
Wed Mar 11 09:20:54 PDT 2009

**this is a repost from the freeswitch-users group.  Just wanted to work 
it out in the dev group.

Hello Guys,
I have a question regarding how I can do the following within the FS C API.

What API can I use to list the current channels and sessions?  What I 
have already in place is a generic FS module capable of serializing any 
sort of C data and storing it onto another device or caching server.  I 
then have the ability to deserialize and operate on these generic 
objects already in my module.  What I anticipate doing is finding a path 
to load up the FreeSWITCH (session and channel) objects and deserialize 
them into a freshly started FreeSWITCH instance.  Any ideas on what 
switch_core_session.c methods, etc. I should use and any pitfalls?   My 
primary focus for my company is conference calling, but I'd like to make 
this a means to work with everything that I possibly can.

As soon as I get my basic testing and instances working I'll offer up 
the code to bkw, mikej and anthm for review.  As-is, I'm not even sure 
if what I'm asking is even feasible, but I think having a module like 
this would be a good start to fill my needs and perhaps those of the 

So again, my two questions are as follows:
1)  What API can I use to enumerate through the current channels and 
sessions initialized and running in memory?  (I'm looking to clone and 
serialize them and store them on a separate server).
2)  Any helper methods or ways that I can re-construct the channels and 
sessions into memory on a freshly started instance of FreeSWITCH?

Kind Regards,
Chris Danielson  (aka. danchris)

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