[Freeswitch-dev] bridge does not hang-up B leg on RTP Media Timeout when A leg was on HOLD

Andrew freeswitch at dzius.com
Thu Jun 25 03:17:56 PDT 2009


I have been testing the rtp media timeout feature, and I found out that when
I bridge a call and A leg goes on HOLD and media timeout is triggered A leg
is hang-up but the B leg stays up.

I have tested it multiple times and result is always same. 

A-Leg Up - both legs hang-up
2009-06-25 08:50:40.457531 [NOTICE] mod_sofia.c:731 Hangup
sofia/external/a-leg at [CS_EXECUTE] [MEDIA_TIMEOUT]
2009-06-25 08:50:40.457531 [NOTICE] switch_ivr_bridge.c:505 Hangup
sofia/external/b-leg at [CS_EXCHANGE_MEDIA] [NORMAL_CLEARING]

A-Leg On Hold - only a leg gets hang-up
2009-06-25 08:54:43.317963 [NOTICE] mod_sofia.c:731 Hangup sofia/external/

Am I missing something , some setting?


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