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 Sorry for top posting :(
 Ok I was a bit busy for couple of days, but here goes my
 Arsen are you going to be there @ Cluecon this year ?
 Thanks & Regards, 
 Mitul Limbani, 
 Founder & CEO, 
 Enterux Solutions, 
 The Enterprise Linux Company (TM), 
 On Thu 18/06/09 01:26 , Arsen Chaloyan achaloyan at yahoo.com sent:
 >2) What are the deliverable we expecting of Arsen's effort? And a
generic ETA of those deliverables?
 Both PocketSphinx and Flite will be integrated into open source
UniMRCP server as ASR and TTS plugins respectively and will be
publicly available under the Apache 2.0 license as UniMRCP itself.
 It's matter of 2~3 weeks to have basically working and usable
plugins for them.
 Thank you,
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 I can chip in $150 of my own as well, but two things:
1) what happens to mod_pocketsphinx ?? (is scribbleJ going to work on
it?)2) What are the deliverable we expecting of Arsen's effort? And a
generic ETA of those deliverables?
 Regards,Mitul Limbani,Founder & CEO,Enterux Solutions Pvt Ltd,The
Enterprise Linux Company(r), http://www.enterux.com/

 On 17-Jun-09, at 23:35, Brian West  wrote:
 Guys I'm tossing in $250 dollars of my own money  on this ... who is
going to pitch in?  Arsen and I have been talking about how to
accomplish this so we'll have an Open Source Speech Server via MRCP.
 Who wants to pitch in please paypal brian at freeswitch.org and I can
wire it to Arsen.
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 Anybody interested in the development of open source ASR and TTS
plugins for UniMRCP server write me offlist.
 PocketSphinx (ASR) -  http://www.speech.cs.cmu.edu/pocketsphinx/ [1]
 Flite (TTS) - http://www.speech.cs.cmu.edu/flite/

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[1] http://www.speech.cs.cmu.edu/pocketsphinx/
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