[Freeswitch-dev] Originating from an event.

Kevin Snow kevin.snow at ooma.com
Tue Jun 16 07:28:19 PDT 2009


I¹m writing my own module and have a situation where I need to connect two
endpoints in response to an event. I have the custom event tied into my
module and I know my endpoints that I need to connect but it¹s not clear to
me how to set up this connection.

It appears that I cannot (or at least don¹t want) to set up this connection
on the thread the event came in on as that stalls other events from coming
in. I think I need to create a new thread and session then use
switch_ivr_originate and bridge the two. That however seems easier said than
done, so I must be missing something.

Switch_thread_create looks fairly straight forward but in the examples of it
they all are used in situations where a session already exists. It¹s uses
the pool from that session. In the event handler I don¹t have any session. I
need to set the entire phone call/session up from scratch. I keep looking
for a ³switch_create_session² like call to setup this but that doesn¹t
exist. Clearly I¹m going about it wrong.

Are there any examples or docs on how to do this programmatically? I¹ve
search and can¹t find anything like this.

I¹m fairly new to FS but hopefully this isn¹t a total newbie question and
that it makes sense. I¹m excited for ClueCon, that¹ll shed a lot of light on
FS for me.

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