[Freeswitch-dev] Skypiax, Skype endpoint and trunk, revamped

Giovanni Maruzzelli gmaruzz at celliax.org
Mon Jul 27 07:08:55 PDT 2009

Ciao FreeSWITCHers,

please have a look at the much changed wiki page:
http://wiki.freeswitch.org/wiki/Skypiax_Skype_Endpoint_and_Trunk and
checkout and test the code in svn.

Much has happened, various bug fixes and features added.

Most notable:
- multiple instances of the same Skype username on Linux (eg: running
20 concurrent channels as "Bob" Skype user)
- adding and removing interfaces on the fly (patch sent by Muhammad Shahzad)
- easier creation of Skype clients configuration directory
- reduced latency
- better robustness
- running as Windows Service
- customized ALSA driver for more devices with less IRQs and context switches
- custom kernel tickless and 100HZ (eg. solves high load problems in
CentOS and in virtualization)
- interactive command line client for prototyping

Also, please note that ALSA drivers version 1.0.20 seems to be much
more stable in our kind of usage (snd-dummy).

Various other enhancements will come, but in the mean time please give
feedback on the current svn code (we want to be robust for the 1.0.4
Release :-) )

See you all at www.cluecon.com, talk on Skypiax August 4th at 4.30 pm !



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via Pierlombardo 9, 20135 Milano
gmaruzz at celliax dot org
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