[Freeswitch-dev] Bridge problem...

Mathieu Rene mrene_lists at avgs.ca
Mon Jul 13 15:24:30 PDT 2009


You can't call that function directly, you need to tell the core to  
bridge the 2 channels together, or else you end up with 2 threads  
trying to do media on the same thread.

Look at switch_ivr_uuid_bridge(const char *originator_uuid, const char  

Also don't forget to switch_core_session_rwunlock() the session you  
got out of originate, FS uses reader-writer locks as a reference  
counting system for session structures, the session thread will do a  
write lock before freeing the memory. If your call doesn't disappear,  
you probably are missing that unlock (ivr_originate locks it before  

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On 13-Jul-09, at 6:20 PM, Kevin Snow wrote:

> switch_ivr_multi_threaded_bridge

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