[Freeswitch-dev] access session variables after hangup

rentmycoder rentmycoder rentmycoder at gmail.com
Mon Jul 6 16:11:04 PDT 2009

I woud like to do some processing after hangup like in asterisk on the
"h,1,..." extension.

If I try to exec a lua script using api_hangup_hook, the the session
will be nil in:
number  = session:getVariable("caller_id_number")

If I try to transfer the call using the transfer commmand, I got
"invalid command" error.

<action application="set" data="session_in_hangup_hook=true" />
<action application="set" data="api_hangup_hook=lua hangup.lua"/>
<!--action application="set" data="api_hangup_hook=transfer hangup_ext" /-->

Any other idea to do some processing after hangup?

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