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John Skopis john at skopis.com
Sat Jan 31 09:34:13 PST 2009

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The module is not complete. I am sending it now for
some feedback as it might be a good time (mostly completed).

The module, mod_entity, will build all xml entities the xml interface
supports, currently it only supports directory, and dialplan (partially).

The idea is that mod_entity describing xml entities, which are just
collections of elements, queries a directory (dbi) for the values it
needs to build the xml.

mod_directory accepts a char** array of fields, and returns an ordered
char ** array of values, the dn (id) of the last entry (row), and how
many entries remain.

I would like to hear what you think, anthm especially. I know it's not
finished code but I am not sure I am in the right direction.

For this module to be at all practical the xml created needs to be
cached. Lets save this for another thread though.


- -John
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