[Freeswitch-dev] DTMF events

Rob Charlton rob.charlton at savageminds.com
Wed Jan 21 04:38:54 PST 2009


I'm using mod_event_socket to listen for DTMF events. I have Nokia 
handsets registered as SIP clients over Wifi, as well as a SIP trunk 
providing incoming PSTN calls to a range of DDIs and outgoing PSTN calls.

If I make an incoming (PSTN or SIP) call and answer it, I always see 
DTMF events via mod_event_socket.
If I make an outgoing call direct to a handset using SIP then I see DTMF 
events - e.g. originate user/1000 &park()
If I make an outgoing call via PSTN then I don't see DTMF events e.g. 
originate sofia/gateway/mygateway/myphonenumber &park() or 

In the latter case, I am still able to pick up DTMF digits if I use 
javascript session.collectInput() - so it appears as if the DTMF tones 
are being recognised by Freeswitch, but no events sent.

What am I doing wrong?



Rob Charlton
Savage Minds Ltd

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