[Freeswitch-dev] Skypiax, Skype compatible endpoint

Giovanni Maruzzelli gmaruzz at celliax.org
Mon Jan 12 04:34:19 PST 2009

Ciao FreeSWITCHers,

mod_skypiax is now usable, for Skype calls and finding bugs :-).

Its wiki page (http://wiki.freeswitch.org/wiki/Skypiax, at the moment
it's just the README files concatenated) begins like that:


This software (Skypiax) uses the Skype API but is not endorsed,
certified or otherwise approved in any way by Skype.

Skypiax is an endpoint (channel driver) that use the Skype client as
an interface to the Skype network, and allows incoming and outgoing
Skype calls from/to FreeSWITCH (that can be bridged, originated,
answered, etc. as in all other endpoints, eg sofia/SIP).

Think at Skypiax as similar to OpenZAP for analog lines: for each
channel you need an interface (a Skype client). So, for eg, for two
concurrent calls, you will need two channels, two Skype clients
running on server.

If your server's Skype client(s) has got the Skype credits, Skypiax
works for SkypeOut calls too.

You can use it from the dialplan, eg with the provided modified
"default.xml" dialplan, you can call
"sip:skype/remote_skypename__OR__skypeout_phonenumber" for calling via
the Skype network from a SIP softphone to remote_skypename or to a
phone number via SkypeOut, or you can call the "2908" extension from
any phone to be bridged to the Skype Test Call).

With the provided skypiax.conf.xml all incoming Skype calls will be
routed to the "5000" extension, the IVR in default FreeSWITCH

On Linux the Skype client uses a lot of CPU. To lower its CPU
consumption, you can use the Xvfb "fake" X server and (more important)
the snd-dummy ALSA "fake" sound driver. Scripts are provided for this.
But for a low number of channels it would works with regular X servers
and ALSA drivers.

On a Linux machine with 3GB ram and a quad core intel6600, we got no
problem with 20 concurrent calls, and plenty of room for adding more
Skypiax channels (100? not tested).

On Windows, no need to do anything special, the Skype client is lighter on CPU.

Skypiax is now pre-beta, but usable for testing and finding bugs :-).

You can download Skypiax source code with subversion with the command:

svn co http://svn.freeswitch.org/svn/freeswitch/branches/gmaruzz/src/mod/endpoints/mod_skypiax

then, follow the README file in the mod_skypiax directory.

More info on skypiax:




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