[Freeswitch-dev] What's the easiest way to get all the SIP messages in FS?

seven du seven at idapted.com
Wed Feb 25 07:06:49 PST 2009


I want to get all(or certain) SIP messages in FS(perhaps I want to  
write a module), What's the easiest or best way to get that? or where  
I can find it in code?

I know we can see SIP messages with TPORT_LOG enabled, It's in  
mod_sofia or sofia-lib?  Why it is only possible to set that on start  
time but can't change it lively?

If I can get them, I think it's possible to write to a file/db, or  
even send out from event_socket. I know it will hurt performance, but  
we don't do high volume calls and want to debug easily. Third party  
tools maybe work but also hurt performance right?



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