[Freeswitch-dev] FreeSWITCH Windows Crash due to Detached Threads (and solution)

Michael Jerris mike at jerris.com
Sun Feb 15 09:27:54 PST 2009

On Feb 15, 2009, at 9:49 AM, Ron Avriel wrote:

> Hi,
> Under Windows, FreeSWITCH consistently crashes with all default  
> install setting after issuing the ‘shutdown’
> command from console immediately after startup, without a single  
> call handled.
> Note that on my servers, this only happens in ‘Release’ version, not  
> in ‘Debug’.
> The problem is due to “problematic” Windows thread handling.
> I noticed that all FS threads are ‘detachable’ and not ‘joinable’.  
> When an application with active detached threads terminates, a race  
> condition can lead to the application crash, as shown in the sample  
> application
> at http://pastebin.freeswitch.org/7225 .
> This is exactly what causes FS to crash as a result of the  
> mod_event_socket detached runtime thread.
> A temporary workaround is to change in switch_loadable_module_exec()  
> the call to
> switch_yield(1000000) with switch_thread_exit(thread, 0).
> In my case it solved the crash, but theoretically it does not always  
> solve the problem, because there is no
> guarantee that it will get called before the main thread reaches its  
> termination code.
> I think the only safe solution is to use ‘joinable’ threads. Is  
> there a good reason they’re not used?
> Note – this problem was reported to jira about a month ago http://jira.freeswitch.org/browse/MODEVENT-37 
>  but it seems it was ignored.

The issue has not been ignored, it just has not been resolved yet.   
Please put these details on that bug, I'll take a look.


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