[Freeswitch-dev] Skypiax (Skype Network endpoint) for FreeSWITCH

Mitul Limbani mitul at enterux.com
Fri Feb 13 10:55:19 PST 2009


Nice stuff I shall test this out.

Mitul Limbani,
Founder & CEO,
Enterux Solutions Pvt Ltd,
The Enterprise Linux Company(r),

On 13-Feb-09, at 23:45, Giovanni Maruzzelli <gmaruzz at celliax.org> wrote:

> Hello FreeSWITCHers,
> mod_skypiax is available for testing, feature requests, bug hunting.
> I would like to ask the help of you all to make Skypiax robust and
> feature full on FreeSWITCH, and particularly of Massimo Cetra (CtRiX
> on IRC), that has developed mod_airpe (another Skype endpoint).
> I've written a first documentation on Skypiax installation and usage
> at: http://wiki.freeswitch.org/wiki/Skypiax
> and there is a Jira module at:
> http://jira.freeswitch.org/browse/MODSKYPIAX
> So, please, test the software, edit the wiki page both for style and
> content, file bug reports and feature requests.
> FreeSWITCH is now the platform of first development for me, so the
> FreeSWITCH part of Skypiax is more tested (if any) and the code is
> more readable compared to the Asterisk part where lot of legacy from
> my other projects clutter the code.
> But Skypiax strive to be available as a Skype compatible endpoint for
> all the opensource telephony community, and in the near time the
> Asterisk part will be cleaned much more, and documented.
> As you will see, the code is made by skypiax_protocol.c (the
> interaction with Skype client), mod_skypiax.c (the interaction with
> FreeSWITCH), chan_skypiax.c (the interaction with Asterisk).
> Please consider me available for all infos, clarifications,  
> discussions, etc.
> I would like to thanks all the peoples that helped me via mail and IRC
> (so bad to have different timezones, isn't?), the *very early
> adopters*, the testers, the patchers, and you all.
> Particularly Anthony Minessale, Michael Jerris, Brian West, Michael
> Collins, Ken Rice, Seven Du, Clif Cox, Hristo Trendev, Rehan Allah
> Wala, Jason Garland and Antonio Gallo.
>> From the wiki page (http://wiki.freeswitch.org/wiki/Skypiax):
> This software (Skypiax) uses the Skype API but is not endorsed,
> certified or otherwise approved in any way by Skype.
> Skypiax is an endpoint (channel driver) that uses the Skype client as
> an interface to the Skype network, and allows incoming and outgoing
> Skype calls to/from FreeSWITCH (that can be bridged, originated,
> answered, etc. as in all other endpoints, e.g. sofia/SIP).
> Skypiax works in FreeSWITCH (FS) on both Linux and Windows, at both
> 8khz and 16khz (Skype client has 16khz audio I/O). Skypiax works on
> Asterisk too, at 8khz, on Linux and Windows (through CygWin).
> Think of Skypiax as similar to OpenZAP for analog lines. For each
> channel you need an interface (a Skype client). So, for example, two
> concurrent calls would need two channels, and therefor two Skype
> clients running on your FreeSWITCH server.
> If your Skype client(s) have Skype credits, then Skypiax works for
> SkypeOut calls as well.
> Sincerely,
> Giovanni Maruzzelli
> =========================================
> www.celliax.org
> via Pierlombardo 9, 20135 Milano
> Italy
> gmaruzz at celliax dot org
> Cell : +39-347-2665618
> Fax : +39-02-87390039
> On Thu, Jan 15, 2009 at 6:39 PM, Giovanni Maruzzelli
> <gmaruzz at celliax.org> wrote:
>> Hi FreeSWITCH developers
>> I would like to propose to the community my plans, so we can discuss
>> and coordinate efforts.
>> I developed a couple of channel drivers for Asterisk in the past
>> (works on both Linux and Windows), and I would like to port them to  
>> FS
>> and further enhance them.
>> The two endpoints are:
>> - Skypiax, Skype compatible, makes and receives calls to/from Skype
>> network and Skypeout service, using the Skype client as interface.
>> - Celliax, GSM and SMS endpoint, makes and receives voice calls and
>> SMSs to/from the GSM/CDMA network, using second hand cellphones and/ 
>> or
>> embedded professional devices as interfaces
>> My aims are:
>> a) port both endpoints from Asterisk to FreeSWITCH
>> b) have both endpoints continue to support at least Linux and  
>> Windows on FS
>> c) I would like better having most of the endpoints code working for
>> both FreeSWITCH and Asterisk, maintaining separated the code that
>> interface with the GSM and Skype network, from the code that  
>> interface
>> with the core.
>> Skypiax, the skype compatible endpoint, is a fork of celliax, the GSM
>> endpoint, and they share the same skeleton and logic, so porting
>> celliax after having ported skypiax will be easier and faster :-).
>> Current situation and next steps:
>> 1) skypiax (http://wiki.freeswitch.org/wiki/Skypiax) is now available
>> for testing and debugging, needs to be polished and cleaned
>> 2) starting mid next week (I'll be back in office), I want to
>> integrate into skypiax the code and ideas from mod_airpe of Massimo
>> (ctrix), that has developed an alternative Skype compatible module,
>> and coordinate any future development with him and any other
>> interested developer
>> 3) begin the porting of celliax to FS, aiming at a pre-beta release
>> for Linux and Windows during February.
>> 4) coordinate further development of celliax with any other developer
>> interested in GSM, SMSs, CDMA, IDEN, AT commands, FBUS commands,
>> embedded devices, audio sampling
>> I am gmaruzz on #freeswitch and #freeswitch-dev, you can find more
>> info at www.celliax.org.
>> Sincerely,
>> Giovanni Maruzzelli
>> =========================================
>> www.celliax.org
>> via Pierlombardo 9, 20135 Milano
>> Italy
>> gmaruzz at celliax dot org
>> Cell : +39-347-2665618
>> Fax : +39-02-87390039
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