[Freeswitch-dev] Manual Attended Transfer using 3 channels

David Dikman (a05davdi) a05davdi at student.his.se
Tue Feb 3 22:53:48 PST 2009

I'm currently implementing an operator to direct calls with using freeswitch and event socket. 
The operator should be able to do an attended transfer, that is the operator is supposed to be able to recieve a call, call another party and switch back and forward between these to before eventually bridging them together. (I cannot use att_xfer since it doesn't have the behaviour we wish).

I've gotten everything to work fine up 'till the point where the operator has called a second party and whishes to switch back to the first party and this is where I need some help.

I use event socket for sending the api commands but if I could just get a hint of how to do it manually (with console) I could probably convert it (or how to do it in js).

These are the steps I go through now: (notice that I'm trying to use only 3 channels so that the operator needn't park channels on phone)

* Originate call between inbound call and operator (Gives me what i'll refer to as Leg A and Leg B)
* Hold Leg A (gives music to Leg A)
* Transfer Leg B to Ext XX (Gives me Leg C, now I've got one call from A-B and one from B-C)
* Unhold Leg B (I can talk between B and C)

What should be the next step?
I've tried holding C and then bridging, transfering, intercepting etc but nothing works. Whatever I do the call between Leg A and Leg B disappears and no sound between the two. I can bridge A->C and get them to talk to each other but I would also like to be able to switch back from B->C to A-B.
I've been guessing my way around this for quite some time now and I would really appreciate some help.

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