[Freeswitch-dev] Help ! How to adjust the freeswitch speex Codec 's parameter for my sip phone

sky tan sky.side at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 22 19:17:00 PST 2009


   thank for your aswer, I show my setting below:
my previous setting in vars.xml is:
 <X-PRE-PROCESS cmd="set" data="global_codec_prefs=G7221 at 32000h,speex at 8000h@20i,speex at 16000h@20i,speex at 32000h@20i,G7221 at 16000h,G722,PCMU,PCMA,iLBC at 30i,GSM"/>

then I change my setting as:
  <X-PRE-PROCESS cmd="set" data="global_codec_prefs=G7221 at 32000h,speex at 8000h,speex at 16000h,speex at 32000h,G7221 at 16000h,G722,PCMU,PCMA,iLBC at 30i,GSM"/>

the problem still exist. the appearance is : the x-lite (8000h) calling side sound good, and the x-lite called side's voice quality is very poor.

also I test many sip softphone, and get my analyze as:
the media consultation in SDP(Session Discription Protocol) is not work correctly in speex at 8000.
can you get me more suggestion?
or any one who have such experience in it ?

thanks a lot !

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add speex at 16000h instead of just speex to the codec list.

2009/12/21 sky tan <sky.side at hotmail.com>

So I  explain my question as:
  if I use x-lite softphone in speex codec(it must be narrowband), the vioce quality is pool .
 but when I use X-lite in speex wideband codec , the voice quality is very nice.
I do try to change the parameter of default_codec_settings in mod_speex.c , but it seen don't

affect anything.
  so who can tell me how to ajust the freeswitch side to fit the X-lite softphone in speex narrowband?

best regards .
your freeswitch' fan.

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