[Freeswitch-dev] Help ! How to adjust the freeswitch speex Codec 's parameter for my sip phone

sky tan sky.side at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 21 18:09:43 PST 2009

So I  explain my question as:
  if I use x-lite softphone in speex codec(it must be narrowband), the vioce quality is pool .
 but when I use X-lite in speex wideband codec , the voice quality is very nice.
I do try to change the parameter of default_codec_settings in mod_speex.c , but it seen don't
affect anything.
  so who can tell me how to ajust the freeswitch side to fit the X-lite softphone in speex narrowband?

best regards .
your freeswitch' fan.

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Subject: [Freeswitch-dev] Help ! How to adjust the speex Codec 's parameter for my sip phone

hi, all

    I used my soft phone with codec in speex, 8000hz , my softphone ' codec is base on opal lib.
but when I register it in freeswitch and call in a conference . I fine the voice quality is not good enough。

   I did print the parameter in switch_speex_decode() function , I find that my softphone sent  encoded_data_len=21.  if I send frame as encoded_data_len=20, then the voice quality become nice.

   So ,who can tell me how to change the freeswitch's speex parameter, then I can operate the encoded_data_len=21  ?

best regards .
your freeswitch' fan.

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