[Freeswitch-dev] mod event multicast drops some events on outbound call legs ?

Matteo mbrancaleoni at voismart.it
Thu Dec 3 11:26:02 PST 2009


----- "Anthony Minessale" <anthony.minessale at gmail.com> ha scritto:
> where are you seeing it drop?

on both fs istances.

> if you log them in the module is it sending them but then they are not
> being recv?

No, they're not even enterin the event_handler callback on mod_event_multicast

> can you explain a bit more?

The scenario is simple: two fs on 2 different machines, on same lan.

Fs compiled from trunk, standard config with mod_event_multicast
compiled and enabled.

Sip registrations are shared ok via multicast, so module is working.
Sip domain is the same on both fs istances, to be able to register
to any server and call any client. This is also working ok.

Then I started looking into events sent & received via multicast.

I uncommented the debug print on the mcast event receiver, and added
a simple debug line on the event handler callback to print out the event type
ready to be sent.

Every event that's sent, is received ok. No problem here.

But I noticed that the events of type PRESENCE_IN, regarding the outbound
leg of a call are not sent to the multicast event handler to be propagated 
(no debug print at all) ONLY when the outbound channel is in early state.

Previous events like EXECUTE, EXECUTE_COMPLETE, CODEC, CALL_UPDATE, etc, which
happens before dialing the outboung leg are sent correctly.

The "missing" events are present on the core because:
* enabling presence debug, I can see them on cli
* I can get them on the event socket

But I don't see them entering the mcast handler to be transmitted, 
so they cannot be received :)

As soon as the outbound leg is answered, the corresponding event
is sent ok via multicast. Same when the call is closed.
Only the early state does not hit the handler.


the call

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