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Okay.  I got two replies from Shelby R. and Ken R.  I presume these two
answers do not conflict?  I gather from these replies is that FS has 3
modes: 1) FS is a complete stand-alone system (i.e. FS interacts with media
stream), 2) FS is a media_proxy (i.e. FS simply receives/transmits media but
does not process it), 3) FS is in bypass media mode where FS tells both
endpoints to send media directly to each other (i.e. no media handling
packet handling at all).
In mode 3), How do the IVR, Voice Mail, Eavesdropping, MOH and central
conferencing features work?  Would it use an external media server(s)?
Also, Ken you mentioned "clusters".  What is a cluster?  What system(s) are
you running the 20K concurrent calls at 2000 calls/sec rate?  Which of the
three modes are you running the server when recording these statistics?
Thanks and Best Regards,


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It is possible to do such a think via a number of mechanisms. Remember FS
can operate in 3 modes, standard mode where we can do transcoding and
interact with the media stream, or proxy_media mode where we just proxy the
media packet in packet out, and bypass_media mode where we tell the end
points to send the media directly to each other.

This allows for some interesting scalability (we have clusters running in
excess of 20K concurrent calls at call rates in excess of 2000 calls/sec) 


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Also on a related issue (since I am a novice to Freeswitch), regardless of
statistics on number of extensions per system per configuration, I had a
more general question:

That is, does Freeswitch allow for distribution of loading (e.g. supports
interface to media servers running on separate machines)?  Also, I imagine
the SIP signaling part must always be a standalone machine that manages all

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Maybe  it would be a good idea to create wiki page just to put such kind of
information in a table:

Computer  specs | Other comments | Codecs used | With/Without Media | Max
sim. calls  reached | etc

That  way interested persons could get a grasp what is really all  about.

This  is very common question based on which many people measure switch
capabilities, so in my opinion should be treated with that in mind (as
marketing oportunity)


Mindaugas  Kezys


VoIP  Billing and Routing Solutions


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This question sounds eerily familiar...


On Wed, Aug 26, 2009 at 1:15 PM,  Jerry Richards
<jerry.richards at teotech.com>  wrote:
Hello All,

Does anyone  know what the capacity of a stand-alone Freeswitch (assuming  a
top-of-the-line server), in terms of how many users?

You can have many hundreds of  users, but there are a lot of factors:
network infrastructure, call volume,  etc. 

Also, when that number is  exceeded, how can Freeswitch server be
to accommodate a  larger installation?


Yes there are strategies. You  definitely want a professional to assist if
this is a serious production  environment. There are members of the FS
community who do this sort of thing,  or you could email
consulting at freeswitch.org to get  assistance from the core FS developers.


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