[Freeswitch-dev] Scalabilty of Freeswitch

Shelby Ramsey sramsey at sipinterchange.com
Wed Aug 26 13:31:27 PDT 2009


This is a pretty generic question.

Generically speaking users aren't what most people think of but some 
good guidelines are:
    --   2000 simultaneous calls (probably more depending on your CPS) 
if you are not running any media through the box
    --   I'm not sure with media what the upper end would be ... but I 
would seriously doubt you'll get acceptable performance of more than 500 
- 700 calls on a single interface

OpenSIPs works well as a load balancer.  As for FS itself there is no 
built in mechanism to share state across multiple FS instances ... 
however you can do it yourself with mod_event_socket.


Jerry Richards wrote:
> Hello All,
> Does anyone know what the capacity of a stand-alone Freeswitch (assuming a
> top-of-the-line server), in terms of how many users?
> Also, when that number is exceeded, how can Freeswitch server be distributed
> to accommodate a larger installation?
> Best Regards,
> Jerry
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