[Freeswitch-dev] SS7/SIGTRAN stack

Jan Berger janvb at live.com
Tue Aug 25 03:33:57 PDT 2009



Attaching some work on M2UA if someone is interested in reviewing/commenting the work.


I have started the long path to create a full SS7 and SIGTRAN stack, and the way I intend to do this work is by using a code generator I am developing myself. I started with M2UA as a test case, and you will find the xml spec + generated MAUP encoder/decoder attached (I have only set of the MAUP part of M2UA as a test case).


My first objective here is to complete the code generator so it generate encoders/decoders for any protocol. This alone removes a bit load of work and is a proven technique on writing protocols.


What's new with this generator is that it uses a detailed xml spec allowing the encoder/decoder to be generated 100% + it can support both ASN.1 and non-ASN.1 protocols.


I am currently using M2UA as a test case, but have also a test case for MTP and ISUP.


The second objective is to create M2UA, (maybe M2PA), MTP2, MTP3 and ISUP using this tool, and bring this stack to a level where we can do a simple IAM based call in/out.


Comments/suggestions are welcome.



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