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Raimund Sacherer rs at runsolutions.com
Mon Aug 24 04:16:33 PDT 2009


First I contacted the debian Maintainer who tried packaging freeswitch  
once, but because he does not have the time the package has not been  
touched in quite a time. Until now I did not get any response so I  
will wait a little further and then talk with the debian quality  
assurance team.

On Aug 21, 2009, at 2:42 PM, Michael Jerris wrote:
>> changing all directorys to be debian compliant.
> We decided so that it is possible to support many different operating
> systems, we would make all our packages use the same path structure
> like we do today.  To change it would add a burden on us for support
> and we don't plan on doing that.

Ok, I was thinking about this about the weekend, I'l have to talk to  
the debian group as well but I'l have an idea:
to be debian compliant AND to not interrupt with the way you provide  
your package we could do:

* Implement all packages debian specific (pathes, etc.)
* Create a freeswitch-pathcompatibility package which creates links  
to /opt so scripts/users which are allready acustomed to your scheme
can have it their way, and the debianers out there which love their  
debian conform system can simply deinstall / not install the  
pathcompatibility package and everyone should be happy!

What do you think of this idea?

>> i really would love to do this officially as the debian maintainer  
>> for
>> the freeswitch project, i already sent the current packet builder an
>> email but I did not receive an answer until know.
> Feel free to toss patches at us via jira.freeswitch.org.  We need to
> start getting everything in place for 1.0.5.

Ok, i will doing my first adaptions starting this week.

>> I hope we can work together and that i will be accepted into this
>> project which has in my oppinion a very bright future in the telecomm
>> business!
> Thanks.  Also, feel free to catch up with us on irc to discuss any of
> these issues.

I will do this, i am Hatrix (registered nick) in IRC,

thanks, best

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