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Mathieu Rene mrene_lists at avgs.ca
Thu Aug 20 15:16:04 PDT 2009


FreeSWITCH builds with debug symbols with the default configuration,  
but the source file has to be in the same path as when it was compiled.
If you wouldnt have debug symbols in, it wouldn't know the file &  
location of the function you are trying to see.

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On 20-Aug-09, at 5:54 PM, Gilles Depatie wrote:

> Hi
> I’m new to Freeswitch environment, but I have attempted to build an  
> executable where I could set breakpoints etc.
> I have followed the instructions on the wiki where I define the two  
> environment vars CFLAGS and MOD_CFLAGS as “-g –ggdb”
> I then run configure which sets the gcc compile option parameters  
> across all makefiles.
> I notice that during the compilation, those option are invoked for  
> all source file that have produce output.
> I’ve also confirmed that the object files for a sample set of files  
> are slightly larger when the compiler output has the options set  
> than compiling without those two options. So I assume that debug  
> symbols were produced when gcc is invoked with the debug option.
> What I see is that after I have run make install, the freeswitch  
> executable is not any larger when debug symbols are requested than  
> when it is not. In fact the opposite is true. Size with debug =  
> “114804”, WITHOUT debug = “114908”
> When I attempt to list files from the GDB command line, I get the  
> following: “No source file named xxx.c”
> The only file I can list is “switch.c” , which is the one that has  
> the main program.
> Here is my environment:
> VmWare Server 2.0
> Red Hat 9 Linux, Kernel 2.6
> FreeSwitch-1.0.4
> gcc version 3.2.2 20030222
> GNU gdb Red Hat Linux (5.3post-0.20021129.18rh)
> Any help would be appreciated
> Thanks
> Gilles Depatie
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