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Kevin Snow kevin.snow at ooma.com
Thu Aug 13 10:54:04 PDT 2009


In my module (written in C), I have a call answering edge case that I think
there must be an easier way than what I¹m doing. Or, more correctly, a right
way to do this and I¹m currently not doing that.

I have an active/established call. An incoming SIP call arrives and I send
it off to switch_ivr_originate to ring my endpoints. Based on action outside
of Freeswitch, I want to stop the ringing and have an endpoint from the
established call answer this ringing call. I have a custom FS event
generated to indicate this condition. In this event handler I want to take a
channel from the active call and answer this incoming call.

Here¹s what I¹m currently doing.

In my event handler I¹m taking the endpoint of the active call and sending
to a specific dialplan
This dialplan has it call my C application.
At this point the application is the session of the endpoint and it can get
the session that¹s currently ringing.
It gets the session of the ringing channel
It uses switch_channel_answer to answer the ringing channel.
Then it uses switch_ivr_uuid_bridge to bridge these two endpoints.

Seems simple enough but it¹s not working.

The problems I have are:

Doing this seems to make the switch_ivr_originate that was ringing the
endpoints fail with ORIGINATOR_CANCEL. I special case this but it leads me
to believe I¹m going about this the wrong way. I¹m not trying to cancel it,
I want to answer it.

I¹m not breaking the bridge of the original established call. That too seems
wrong. I think I should be doing something there but it¹s not clear what.

Is there a better way to handle this?


Kevin Snow

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